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Sunday, June 22, 2014

[[Aagadu Srinu Vaitla(2014) telegul full movie online]]

Aagadu Srinu Vaitla(2014)

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Publishing : 26 SEPTEMBER 2014

Aagadu Srinu Vaitla(2014) Telugu Full Movie Watch Online Free
Aagadu is an upcoming Telugu action comedy film with directed by Srinu Vaitla starring Mahesh Babu and Tamannaah in lead roles. The film is second combination for Mahesh Babu and Srinu Vaitla after Dookudu and the first collaboration of Mahesh Babu with Tamannaah. The soundtrack for the film will be composed by S. Thaman.[4] Both Mahesh Babu and Tamannaah would essay the roles of Police Officers in the film[5][6] which is set in the backdrop of Tadipatri Village of Ananthapuram District in Rayalaseema.[7] The film was launched on 25 October 2013 at Ramanaidu studios, Nanakramguda in Hyderabad.[8] The principal photography started on 28 November 2013.
After delivering the Super Hit film Baadshah, Srinu Vaitla had differences with his past associate Kona Venkat and it was confirmed by the duo that they would never team up again in the future.[9] Later, Srinu Vaitla announced that his next film will be with Mahesh Babu after the success of Baadshah. He had written his own script for the film assisted by Gopi Mohan.[10] This film was said to be produced on 14 Reels Entertainment, thus marking the second collaboration of Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta, Anil Sunkara - Mahesh Babu - Srinu Vaitla - S. Thaman together after Dookudu which released in 2011.[11] At a stage it was also rumored that it was a sequel to Dookudu.[12] However, the production team rubbished these rumors later.[13] Initially, the Muhurtham of the film was set to be done on 16 October 2013.[14] but it was postponed to 25 October 2013[15] by Paying respect to actor Srihari who succumbed to liver cancer on 9 October 2013.[16] Film was launched on 25 October 2013 at Ramanaidu Studios. Producers D. Ramanaidu, Shyam Prasad Reddy attended, clapped the board and switched the camera on for Muhurtham (Muhurat) shot.[17] In mid-February 2014, it was reported that Srinu Vaitla is going to spoof popular TV anchor Omkar this time, who directed the film Genius in 2012 since spoofing a popular celebrity was said to be a common feature in Srinu Vaitla's films since his directorial Dubai Seenu.[18][19]
Mahesh Babu was the first actor to sign this film and it was revealed later that Mahesh Babu would be donning the role of a tough cop for the third time in his career.[20] It was later informed that Mahesh will be playing the role of Encounter Specialist Shankar, similar to the one he played in Dookudu, and he would speak Rayalaseema Dialect in this film quite opposite to his role in Dookudu in which he spoke in Telangana Dialect.[21] After commencement of shooting, Mahesh Babu spoke about his character stating "I’m playing a completely different character in this film and it’ll be a typical mass entertainer in Sreenu Vaitla’s style." He also allotted Bulk dates for the film for a non stop shoot till the completion of the film.[22] Srinu Vaitla after writing the script he has started searching for main lead opposite Mahesh Babu. First reports emerged that Sonam Kapoor was recruited as the lead lady of the film. However she denied being a part of the film's cast.[23] In May 2013, Reports emerged that Samantha was recruited as the Heroine for the third time in Mahesh's film. However, In May 2013 Samantha denied being cast opposite Mahesh in Aagadu and further added that her schedules were full for the year.[24] In July, reports floated that Deepika Padukone would play the lead lady's role. However she denied rumors further adding that she was busy with her Bollywood projects.[25] In August 2013, It was reported that Srinu was considering to recruit Shruti Haasan contrary to the reports that Tamannaah was selected as the heroine.[26][27] Shruti Haasan too denied acting opposite Mahesh in Aagadu in September 2013.[28] So it was officially confirmed that Srinu Vaitla finalized Tamannaah as the heroine thus marking her first film with Mahesh Babu.[29] In November, it was also reported that she is playing a full length mass role in this film.[30]

Apart from this, S. Thaman was finalised as the Music Director of the film marking his second and third collaborations with Srinu Vaitla and Mahesh Babu respectively.[31] Initially, Srihari was recruited to play an important role in the film. However due to his sudden demise in October 2013, Popular actor and Voice artist Sai Kumar was finalised to play that role.[32] It was earlier reported in October 2013 that Brahmanandam was not a part of the film contrary to the fact that Brahmanandam is frequently casted in Srinu Vaitla's films.[33] However, in the official press note released during the launch of the film, it was clearly specified that Prakash Raj and Brahmanandam would play Important roles in the film.[8] K. V. Guhan, who worked with Srinu Vaitla for Dookudu and one of the cinematographers of Baadshah, was recruited as the Cinematographer of this film. M. R. Varma was recruited as the Editor of the film and A. S. Prakash was finalised as the Art Director of the film.[8] In November, it was reported that Rajendra Prasad was recruited to play Mahesh's Father in the film.[34] In mid-November, reports emerged that Tamannaah was not a part of the film anymore.[35] It was said that she walked out from the project because she was busy with the shooting of her Hindi and Tamil projects. It was also speculated that the Production team is planning to shoot with Mahesh Babu initially and shoot Tamannaah's parts later as an alternative idea. However there was no official confirmation from the producers regarding that issue then.[36] However, her manager replied that she is starring in Aagadu and has allotted Bulk Dates for the film and the film is her top priority film.[37] In December, reports emerged that popular Tamil actress Nadhiya was roped in to play an important role in this film.[38] It was said that she would play the role of Mahesh's sister in this film which is a key role.[39]

In the end of December 2013, it was reported that Tamannaah would also essay the role of a Police officer in this film.[40] On 25 January 2014 reports emerged that Mahesh Babu will be seen in a full-time police role unlike the ones he played in Pokiri and Dookudu where he played an Undercover police.[41] At the same time, the film unit confirmed that Prakash Raj is playing a Crucial and Distinct Dual role in this film in which one is a negative role and the other is a positive role. This also was said to be one of the rare films in which Prakash Raj is playing a Dual role.[42] However, Prakash Raj later posted on his Twitter page that the news about him playing dual role in Aagadu is false and that he will be seen in a negative role in the film.[43] Nadhiya's inclusion into the project was confirmed in the end of February 2014 with the production unit confirming her role of Mahesh's sister in this film.[44] In mid-March 2014, it was reported that Tamannaah would play the role of a sweet shop owner who also tries to develop her village.[45] Rajendra Prasad's inclusion into the project was confirmed in the end of March 2014 with the production unit confirming her role of Mahesh's father in this film after he participated in the shoot at Hyderabad in the last days of March.[46] In early April 2014, Sonu Sood was confirmed as one of the principal cast.[47] It was said that he replaced Prakash Raj in the film after the latter was accused of throwing tantrums, shouting at the assistant directors and getting irritated at every small thing. Surprisingly, Prakash Raj was not even aware that he had been dropped from the movie as the producers and the director decided not to inform him.[48] Sonu Sood confirmed the news in an interaction to the media that he is doing the role of, which Prakash raj was initially called for.[49] Prakash Raj too confirmed his exit citing creative differences with director as the reason.[50]

In the end of April 2014, Brahmaji confirmed that he is playing the role of an honest police constable in the film.[51] On 11 May 2014 Tamannaah revealed a sneak peek her look in the film through her Twitter account. In that picture, Tamannaah was seen clad in a traditional sari, with flowers adorning her hair and looked like a homely Telugu girl.[52] In early June 2014, Thaman tweeted "Sensational news about Aagadu item song coming up in a couple of days. The whole team is so excited about it". Then, buzz emerged that the makers approached Shruti Haasan for a special item song in the movie and Shruti Haasan gave her nod and discussions regarding her dates were ongoing.[53][54] On 4 June 2014 Thaman revealed that Shruti Haasan is officially recruited for an item song in the film.[55] Shruti Haasan too confirmed the same saying that her love for dancing made her accept this offer which marked her first item number in her career.[56]

Regular shooting of film was reported to be commence from the Second week of November 2013.[57] It was also informed that the film's shoot would be completed in a relatively less time which would start from 15 November 2013 and would end in April 2014 thus paving way for a May 2014 release.[58] Though initially it was planned to start the filming from 15 November 2013[59] but the date was officially shifted to 28 November 2013 since Mahesh was busy in wrapping the final schedule of Sukumar's directorial 1: Nenokkadine.[60]

As reported earlier, the shooting was started on 28 November 2013 which was confirmed by one of the producers Anil Sunkara, Srinu Vaitla's wife and costume designer Roopa and Actor Vennela Kishore on their Twitter Account pages.[61] From 2 December, some comedy scenes were shot on Mahesh, M. S. Narayana and Vennela Kishore were shot at Hyderabad.[62] Tamannaah joined the sets of the film on 12 December 2013.[63] The film's first schedule was wrapped up soon after which Mahesh shifted to the sets of Sukumar's 1 (Nenokkadine) to complete its last schedule.[64] It was said that a Huge Police Station set was erected at Hyderabad and Mahesh would join the sets from 27 December 2013.[65] For four days, the film's shoot continued in Aluminium Factory at Gachibowli and Brahmanandam joined the sets of the film on 31 December 2013 and some scenes were shot on him and other comedians.[66] For starting a fresh schedule after Sankranti, Cinematographer K. V. Guhan left to Gujarat for location scouting in Early January.[67] There a massive Tadipatri village set has been constructed in Gujarat for the movie since the makers thought that shooting with Mahesh at an outdoor location in Tadipatri is impossible due to the uncontrollable crowds.[68] After a brief gap on account of Sankranti festival, Mahesh Babu would join the sets on 18 January 2014 after which shooting was said to be continued in a non stop mode.[69] The film shoot continued on 18 January 2014 at Saradhi Studio in Hyderabad in a specially erected court set.[70] It was followed by canning of few more key scenes at Nanakramguda where a large set was constructed to shoot the film which also included a fight sequence.[71][72] Mahesh Babu and Tamannaah participated in the shoot along with others which went on at a good pace.[73]

Then the shooting continued in a specially erected marriage set at Ramoji Film City where sentimental scenes featuring Mahesh stopping the engagement of Tamannaah and Giridhar and expressing his love for her were shot for which the production team said that a song on the leads would feature after the scene.[74] In mid-February 2014, it was reported that after the completion of the shoot in Hyderabad, the film's unit would proceed to Bellary for a 20 Day schedule in March 2014 where few important scenes, introduction song and small action bits for introduction song would be canned which will end the talkie part and the songs will be shot later which would complete the principal photography of the film.[75] Later it was confirmed that the shooting would start at Bellary from 23 February 2014 though it was initially planned to start at Gujarat.[76] The shoot at Bellary started with the canning of the introduction song on Mahesh Babu and few dancers at the Jindal Steel Factory.[77][78] The song shoot continued near some mines in Bellary and the conditions were very dusty. However, Mahesh Babu displayed great professionalism and went ahead with the shoot.[79] But some photos and a small footage of the song's shoot leaked into the Internet despite repeated requests to refrain from clicking pictures.[80] After the completion of the song's shoot, the unit continued the filming at Bellary where some crucial scenes were shot on the principal cast.[81] When the planned schedule had one day left for its completion, Mahesh had to go back to Hyderabad because of a severe muscle cramp injury during the shoot at Bellary thus postponing the schedule.[82] It was also said that Srinu Vaitla continued to shoot the scenes which does not require the presence of Mahesh in order to ensure faster completion of the shoot.[83] However the unit wrapped up the schedule completely at Bellary a bit ahead of the planned schedule.[84]

Contrary to the reports, the production team clarified that Mahesh did not suffer any injuries during the shoot at Bellary but lost his energy and is stressed and was advised to take some rest.[85] On 7 March 2014 a press note was released which stated that the new schedule would start from 10 March 2014 at Hyderabad and Mahesh was said to participate in the shoot.[86][87] It was said that the shooting would continue in this schedule at a Non stop mode.[88] Later it was reported that Mahesh, who was recuperating then, would join the sets of the film on 16 March 2014 along with Tamannaah, who was shooting for the Hindi film Humshakals at Mauritius.[89] After the completion of the schedule at Hyderabad, the production team informed to the media that the next schedule would start at Gujarat in the month of April.[90] It was said that some crucial scenes would be shot in a long schedule there.[91] Meanwhile the shooting continued in Hyderabad and some comedy scenes were filmed on the principal cast which were said to be "Trademark" Srinu Vaitla comedy scenes.[92] Also, Tamannaah was seen selling sweets as a part of her role in the film during the shoot at Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad where a in a Rayalaseema Village set was erected for that purpose.[93] After filming his trademark 'drunken' scene, Srinu Vaitla filmed scenes on the lead pair at Mount Opera in Hyderabad.[94] It was reported that after completion of the schedule at Hyderabad, the unit would continue shoot at Jammu & Kashmir instead of Rajasthan from 10 April 2014.[95] "Initially they wanted to shoot in Rajasthan, but there too they would face extreme temperatures, so they dropped the plan," said the production sources.[96] Meanwhile, the shoot continued in Hyderabad where scenes on Mahesh and Rajendra Prasad were filmed.[97]

Sonu Sood traveled from Mumbai to Hyderabad early on 3 April and participated in the film's shoot immediately after completing the shoot of Farah Khan's Happy New Year.[48] His involvement in the shoot was confirmed by Srinu Vaitla in his twitter.[47] Some scenes between Mahesh and Sonu Sood were shot since then for more than 4 Days.[98] As on 10 April 2014 the film's flashback scenes were being shot at Chiran Fort Club in Hyderabad and the schedule was reported to end on the next day.[99] The next schedule again started at Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad from 27 April 2014 and continued in extreme temperatures.[100][101] It was said that the director chose to shoot the film in the city itself to wrap the shoot in the earliest possible though Rajasthan and Kashmir were the makers' initial choice. It was also said that 70% of the shoot has been wrapped up and the film's principal photography would end in the month of June 2014.[102] The schedule at Ramoji Film City ended on 7 May and the team planned to shift its shoot to Gujarat any time soon finally for a long schedule to shoot some action sequences and songs.[103] Meanwhile Tamannaah joined the sets of the film in Hyderabad on 11 May 2014 which she confirmed in her twitter while revealing her look.[104] Days later, it was revealed that the team would go to Ladakh on 20 May 2014 to start the new schedule of the film. It was reported that after the completion of the schedule at Ladakh which includes shoot of some important scenes, most of the film's shoot would be wrapped up.[105][106] The shoot there started with the filming of a song on the lead pair near Pangong Lake under the supervision of famous choreographer Dinesh. It was said that Mahesh would try some new dance moves in this song.[107][108][109] Another song on Mahesh and Tamannaah was shot at Leh which was choreographed by Prem Rakshith and was shot in 10 days with great difficulty.[110]

After completion of the shoot there, the filming continued at Ramoji Film City in the first week of June 2014.[111] The shooting continued at Mumbai from 5 June to 21 June where some crucial scenes and Shruti Haasan's song were shot.[112][113] However, the shooting completed at Mumbai on 18 June and the unit returned to Hyderabad. In that schedule, Shruti Haasan's song and scenes on Mahesh, Sonu Sood, Ajaz Khan and others were shot while Tamannaah was not included.[114][115][116] The next schedule was planned in Bellary and Kerala from 22 June on whose completion, it was reported that the film's unit would continue its shoot at Overseas for shooting of some songs.[117][118]

Marketing[edit]In the end of March 2014, it was reported that the film's first look poster would release on 31 May 2014 to coincide with Krishna's birthday which was similar to the practice followed in the films Dookudu and 1: Nenokkadine, both produced by 14 Reels Entertainment starring Mahesh Babu.[119] 5 Days before the announced date, it was said that a poster and a 45 seconds teaser were getting ready. Thaman said that he saw the teaser of 'Aagadu' and it is Mahesh's best ever.[120] Aagadu first look revealing process is also creating a big buzz in industry making it more special.[121] Three first look posters and a 51 seconds Teaser of the film were released on 31 May 2014 to coincide with the actor Krishna's birthday.[122][123][124] The first look posters and teaser received viral response on social networking websites. The teaser received nearly 0.4 million hits in less than 18 hours of release.[125][126] The teaser crossed 1 million hits in 4 days turning into a huge success.[127]
However, the visuals and Mahesh's style portrayed in the teaser were alleged to be inspired from Pawan Kalyan's Gabbar Singh and the dialogues in the teaser were also alleged as a satires on Pawan Kalyan, N. T. Rama Rao Jr. and Balakrishna. The teaser also kicked off two small controversies along with the above one. While one of them was Samantha's tweet on the teaser which was confirmed a fake one by her in her official twitter page. The second being Kona Venkat's comments on the teaser which literally translates into "Some people keep their work aside and focus on others. Such people will be the first to go out of focus."[128][129] However on 4 June 2014 in an event in Hyderabad, Mahesh stated that the dialogues uttered in the teaser were not aimed at any one and is not a personal one.[130] He added that the dialogue shows the attitude of the character played by him in the film.[131]

Pre-release revenues[edit]
In the first week of June 2014, it was reported that Gemini TV bought the satellite rights of the film for an amount of INR9.75 crores which is one of the highest amount for a Telugu film ever and was also a very early deal which happened just after the release of first look of the film.[132][133] The film surpassed Pawan Kalyan's Attarintiki Daredi which previously held the record of highest satellite deal which was INR9 crores.[134]

S. Thaman would compose the music for this film which marks his third collaboration with Srinu Vaitla and Mahesh Babu respectively. It is also Thaman's 50th film as a composer.[135] On 28 October 2013 it was reported that Thaman started composing the music for this film and the Title song was being scored first.[136] In early February 2014, it was reported that the film's audio would release on 31 August 2014.[137] In mid-February 2014, according to TFI's buzz the film makers planned to release the audio of the film on 31 May 2014 to coincide with the occasion of Krishna's birthday.[138] However, after the declaration of the film's first look launch on 31 May 2014, the previous reports weren't taken into consideration.[139] In the end of March 2014, during an interaction to the media, Manohar Naidu, the owner of Lahari Music, confirmed that they bagged the audio rights of the film's soundtrack.[140] In early April 2014, it was reported that Thaman is insistent that Mahesh should sing a song in the film and is also taking the help of director Srinu Vaitla to convince him for the same. A source close to the unit says that the actor has asked for four days’ time before he gives his nod.[141] Later Thaman said to the media that Mahesh is going to sing a song in the film.[142] In the end of May 2014, it was confirmed that the film's audio would be released on 9 August 2014 on the eve of Mahesh Babu's birthday.[143][144]

Initially, the film was scheduled for a May 2014 release.[58] In the end of January 2014, according to TFI's buzz the film makers planned to release the film on 31 May 2014 to coincide with the occasion of Krishna's birthday.[71] Mahesh Babu stated that the release date will be 19 September 2014.


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